The exam schedule has been published! Exams that pertain to my classes are as follows:

English 1201 – Friday, January 22nd at 8:45. Two hour exam. Written in the Gym.

English 3202 – Monday, January 25th at 8:45. One hour test. Written in the classroom.

English 2201 -Tuesday, January 26th at 8:45. Two hour exam. Written in the Gym.

If we have a snow day for a full day, all exams will shift a day. So, for example, if Monday, January 25th is a snow day for the full day, all Monday exams will be written on Tuesday, Tuesday exams will be Wednesday and so on.

If we have a snow day for a half day, the ones being written while school is open stay the same. Then, exams which were supposed to take place during the time when schools are closed will shift a day. So, if school is closed in the morning of Friday, January 22nd, but open in the afternoon, the afternoon exams will still be written. Then, on Monday the 25th, the exams which should have taken place during the school closure will be written in the morning and there are no exams in the afternoon. Then the entire Monday schedule shifts to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday and so on. In these cases, check the PWC website for a new schedule.

The Full Schedule:





Alternate Assignments

The Ultimate Deadline is upon us! Students have been told which assignments they are missingĀ  and where to find the alternate assignments. I have now put all alternates in this blog post to make it easier to find as you come to this site!


1201 poetry and visuals alternate – for those who missed doing the activity in class.


Rent – alternate assignment

Poetry and visuals alternate assignment – Replaces the booklet of multiple poems and visuals we did.

Poetry and visuals assignment – replaces in the in class worksheet we did with a single poem and a single visual – includes multiple choice.


If you did not get a mark you are happy with and there is an alternate for that assignment, please feel free to complete the alternate and I will take the higher mark you have earned.