English 3201

PWC Course Outline

Course Overview:

English 3201 is an academic course, designed for the majority of students entering Level Three. The six strands of English language arts are taught in an integrated manner. English 3201 emphasizes literary texts and is intended to enable students to be analytical and critical readers and viewers.
Students will:

  • be exposed to and analyze a wide variety of texts
  • create a variety of texts for a wide range of audiences and purposes
  • develop an increasingly sophisticated interpretation of texts
  • examine and evaluate ideas and style in texts, including those they create
  • express themselves precisely and with clarity



  • Speaking – 15%
  • Listening – 15%
  • Reading – 20%
  • Viewing – 20%
  • Writing – 15%
  • Representing – 15%

School mark comprises 60% of final grade.

Final exam – 40% (Public exam which will be given in January)

Timeline (Note – number of classes is approximate):

Introduction and 1st Novel to be chosen by students

I am Poem (Both Writing and Representing) (3 classes)

Analytical Essay Writing Unit (5 classes)

  • Essay terms & discussion of several essays
  • Deconstruct an essay
  • Essay outline (jot notes)
  • One Analytical Essay 

Shorter and Longer Dramatic Work: ‘Come From Away’ and ‘Macbeth’ (14 classes)

  • Listening (#1)
  • Comprehension Questions 
  • Analytical Essay

Novel Study (6 classes)

  • Comprehension Activities 
  • Speaking Activity 

2nd Novel to be chosen by students and research proposal submitted.

Short Story Unit: (12 classes)

  • Terms Quiz 
  • Analysis Test

Personal Response: (2 classes)

  • Formative study
  • Written personal response (Expressive #1)

Essay Unit: (15 classes)

  • Listening Evaluation (#2)
  • Terms Quiz 
  • Analysis Test

Media Visuals Unit: (6 classes)

  • Terms Quiz 
  • Analysis Evaluation

Google Slideshow on Second Novel (12 classes)

  • Speaking/Interview (Evaluation)
  • Research (Multimedia) & Writing/Research (Inquiry based)
  • Personal reflection (response) on last slide (Expressive)

Artistic Visuals Unit: (12 classes)

  • Terms Quiz 
  • Visual Analysis Test 
  • Film Study (Visual Analysis & Descriptive Writing)
  • Personal response

Poetry Unit: (13 classes)

  • Terms Quiz 
  • Listening Evaluation (#1)
  • Analysis Test

Review: (4 classes)

Course Content Requirements:

Course Content Requirements:




Transactional (persuasive, explanatory, procedural, etc.) Minimum of 2


Expressive (memoir, biography or autobiography, narrative, etc.) Minimum of 2


Visual/Multimedia (web page, model, collage, photo essay, drama, etc.) Minimum of 2


Inquiry Based/ Research Focused 

 – Can be writing or representing, may also be incorporated into other texts            throughout the year; students should complete at least one formal paper

Minimum of 1
(3-5 pages withat least 4 sources)


Poetic (poetry, prose poems, songs, rap, spoken word, etc.) Minimum of 2





Poetry (ballad, elegy, epic, free verse, blank verse, lyric, narrative, ode, sonnet, etc.) Minimum of 8
Drama Longer: play, script, excerpt, etc.

Shorter: monologue, student written script, excerpt, etc.

Minimum of 1 longer


Short Prose (fiction and non-fiction – essay, short story, article, blog, rant, etc.) Minimum of 6 fiction & 3 non-fiction


Multimedia (film, music, websites, commercials, advertisements, podcasts, etc.) Minimum of 5
Extended Texts (independent and/or class study, novel, biography) Minimum of 2



Informal speaking and listening experiences can be observed on a continual basis  Minimum of 2 listening
Formal speaking experiences involve products produced through processes; these experiences may help students meet outcomes in writing and representing Minimum of 2 informal and/or formal speaking