Useful Information

Welcome to my website. Most information for classes cannot be found here – it can be found within the google classroom for each class. This would include notes and assignments. I use google classroom for 95% of work that we do, which means that students always have access to notes and assignments as long as they have access to the internet.

Codes for each class are:

English 3201 B – h959tx2

English 3201 C – 96o68ad

English 3202 D – ejc4ntn

Below is my digital plan book. You can choose the month and scroll through the weeks to see generally what we will be doing. I will update this with plans and due dates. I will also be putting assessment due dates in gradebook and keeping grades updates. If you do not have a powerschool account, please check in with the office to get one.

I follow the PWC Assessment policy for all assessments. If a student is out on a day that work is due, they must have a valid reason and contact from home to let me know. Otherwise the first day it is late 5% will be taken off, 10% the next day, 20% the next day and will not be accepted after that point. If they miss an assessment – listening activity, test, etc – unless there is contact from home discussing their valid reason for missing the assessment, they will be given a ‘0’. Contact is vital, as is attendance.

I look forward to working with you all!