English 3202


English 3202 is designed for students entering Level lll who continue to require extra support to strengthen essential literacy skills. Students participate in practical and engaging learning experiences as they respond personally, critically, and creatively to a variety of texts of increasing complexity based on their interests, abilities, and learning needs. 


PWC Yearly Plan 

Novel Study: Heist Society

     Evaluation: Comprehension questions

                          Summary Assignment

                          Comparative Assignment


Unit of Work: Second Chances and Relationships   

     Study of poetry and prose

     Film Study: The Blind Side

     Evaluation: Comprehension          questions on prose/poetry

     Comprehension questions on The Blind Side.


Unit of Work: Superheros and Villains

      Evaluation: Film study Maleficent’

                           Listening activity

                           Comprehension activity ‘Design a Superhero and a super villain’.

Unit of work: Visuals

     Study of artistic and media visuals

     Study of photo essays and comic strips

     Evaluation: Comprehension questions

     Photo Essay Assignment

    Speaking activity


Drama: Come from Away

    Evaluation: Comprehension questions

                          Personal Response


Unit of Work: Tragedy and strength

     Study of short stories, poetry

     Evaluation: Listening activity

     Comprehension work

     Slideshow on real life tragedy


Novel Study: Face-Off

Evaluation: Comprehension questions

                   Summary Assignment

                   Speaking activity


End of year test



Marking Scheme Speaking 15
Listening 15
Reading 20
Viewing 20
Writing 15
Representing 15


Curriculum Requirements
Area Requirement
Speaking and Listening
Speaking Minimum of 2 formal/informal
Listening Minimum of 2
Reading and Viewing 
Poetry Minimum of 5
Drama Minimum of 1 longer
Short Prose Minimum of 6 fiction, 3 non fiction
Multimedia Minimum of 5
Extended Works Minimum of 2
Writing and Representing
Transactional Minimum of 2
Expressive Minimum of 2
Visual/Multimedia Minimum of 1
Inquiry Based Minimum of 1
Poetic Minimum of 1


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