English 1201

English 1201 is an academic course designed for the majority of students entering Level 1 of senior high school. The study of language and experiences will allow students to develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of literacy tools and communication devices. A range of texts will enable students to reflect on their own learning strategies as they develop confidence as language users. Students will interpret, analyze and evaluate a variety of texts and create texts using various forms. The course is designed to extend the range of oral communication, reading, writing and media literacy skills necessary for success in daily life as well as secondary and post secondary studies.

Texts for the course:
• English 10
• Sightlines 10
• Homegrown 10
• A Midsummers Night’s Dream
• Classroom texts for student-directed and teacher-supported reading and viewing

To ensure student achievement of the outcomes, teachers are expected to use a variety of assessments from the following internal data sources:
• Formal and informal observations (anecdotal records, checklists, etc.)
• Written responses (learning logs, journals, blogs, etc.)
• Projects (long and short term)
• Research (brochures, flyers, posters, essays, graphic organizers)
• Student presentations (seminars, speeches, debates, discussions)
• Peer assessments
• Self assessments (exit and entrance cards, learning inventories, yes/no activities, learning contracts)
• Conferencing (questioning, ongoing records, checklists, etc.)
• Digital evidence (web page, blog, PowerPoint, Prezi, interactive white board)
• Portfolios
• Individual and group participation (demonstrations, interviews, questioning, role play, drama)
• Work samples (investigations, learning logs, journals, blogs)

Assessment and Evaluation Plan:

Writing and Representing Outcomes 20%
(Expressive, transactional, poetic, and portfolio)
Research Outcomes 10%
Speaking and Listening Outcomes 15%
(Multimedia presentation, persuasive speech)
Reading and Viewing Outcomes 15%
(Novel study, visual texts, dramatic texts)
Midterm Exam 15%
Final Exam 25%

You can find the curriculum guide for English 1201 here.

All Literary Terms – 2016
Course Outline – 1201 (prepared by Ms. Lesleigh Smith)

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