Authors on Writing (first edition)

Some of my favourite authors have great websites. On these sites, they share background books they’ve written. Sometimes this sharing includes information on the characters – why they did what they did, info on what happens after the book, analysis on choices made. But sometimes it includes how they write. This info is useful if you ever want to be a writer or are interested in the process; how does someone create a world that others buy into and grow to love? Here are links to some of these writers:

April Henry – April Henry Mysteries and So many books, so little time. April Henry writes mystery stories, often inspired by true events. Her books include ones such as ‘The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die‘, ‘Girl, Stolen‘ and ‘The Night She Disappeared‘. Her site talks about her process and her scheduling an what it means to approach writing. These two posts on her live journal are really interesting if you are considering writing as part of your life – 10 Secrets to being a Real Writer and How the Writing Process REALLY works. I came upon her site one day after reading ‘The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die’, a book that she thanks Kathleen Edwards (no relation – I’m just a fan) for indirectly inspiring. I was sucked in by her descriptions of her process and her idea of ‘don’t just research – do’. Very interesting reading, whether you enjoy mysteries or want to write them.

Veronica Roth – Theartofnotwriting or her old site. Author of the Divergent series, including the new Four Chronicles. You know Divergent – a grade 10 novel at our school! Veronica Roth has begun using the tumblr platform, to blog as well as share images that she enjoys, that she finds inspiring or that describe her thoughts on writing. She is very open to fan comments and questions and indulges the fandom that her books has inspired. Her archives are an interesting read through the process of publishing the sequels to ‘Divergent’ (sidenote – imho, ‘Divergent’ is the best in the series but it’s important to know what happens to the characters, especially when your english teacher is DYING to tell you!). This blog shows the life of a writer and how they are people too (honestly!). Lots of information and lots of great links and images.

Due to social media being what it is, authors are everywhere! My goal is to share with you blogs of those who connect, who try to show the writing process and who makes life a little more interesting on the interwebs!