ROBOT – Review One Book on Thursday – Blind by Rachel DeWoskin

The book I’ve chosen this week is ‘Blind’ by Rachel DeWoskin. In this novel the main character Emma has been blinded by a freak firework accident. She has been blind for around a year and has decided to¬† be mainstreamed back into her old school with her old friends. Friends she grew up with and […]

Excellent quote on why I feel no shame reading a lot of YA lit

Some say it’s the elements of hope and wonder in children’s books that make them special. But there are many dark young adult novels these days. Adults loved Harry Potter, though it was written for the young. In the end, it is probably up to the reader of any age to decide if this book […]

ROBOT – Review One Book On Thursday – ‘Say What You Will’ by Cammie McGovern

This is the first in what will hopefully be a long line of Thursday Book Reviews. My focus will be on Young Adult Literature, with perhaps some Adult literature that has appeal to young adults in general. Please note that all opinions are mine and based on my feelings when I read the book – […]

Authors on Writing (first edition)

Some of my favourite authors have great websites. On these sites, they share background books they’ve written. Sometimes this sharing includes information on the characters – why they did what they did, info on what happens after the book, analysis on choices made. But sometimes it includes how they write. This info is useful if […]