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The ways of reading

For many years I was a book traditionalist. I refused to try ereading and looked at those who did as people who obviously did not really enjoy the reading process. I. Was. Wrong.

As an asthmatic who is allergic to dust, the time came when I had to examine what I was doing. I had piles and piles and shelves and shelves of novels. I couldn’t add any books to my book room: the place was full. I had to make the decision- keep with traditional reading and dust or try ereading and perhaps save money on inhalers.

So I did it. I tried ereading. And now, I can’t stop. It’s frustrating to read books now in paper format. I still do, of course, for committee work and when I have no other options, but I do take pictures of books at the book store and then download them. I use them in the classroom all the time, putting them on whiteboard and showing notes I’ve made on them. I check out books from the library in electronic format and I spend a fortune on ebooks, something I’m trying to curb.

So, what makes an e-reader right for you? I use the Kobo app on my ipad and use overdrive when I borrow books, but others I know use different apps and different actual readers. To know what you want you need to know what you like. My son likes the feeling of turning pages and so he’s fighting the idea of using an e-reader. A friend of mine likes being able to read whatever she likes without people knowing what she’s reading, so she loves e-readers. To know what’s right for you you need to what you like about reading. Me, I like getting books as soon as I notice they’re out and I like being able to travel with my books, whether it’s to work or to another part of the country.

In the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing different ereading apps. Sometimes making a change requires a little info and a little self knowledge.

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