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Preorder wonders

There are time I find out a book I love is coming out sooner than I expected. I am so excited to find out ‘Blood of my Blood’ is out in a few days!! ‘Blood of my Blood’ is the third in the ‘I Hunt Killers’ series, a series I have loved as it has progressed. I find myself recommending ‘I Hunt Killers’ to everyone – yes it’s a thriller, but even if you don’t like thrillers, it’s a good story. A study in nature vs nurture. And, just a good book. So many kids have wanted to read it. I even reviewed it on my old blog. And now the third out comes out in the next few days and I am oh so happy!

When this happens it’s great. It balances those times when I need to wait – like when I finish a book the day it comes out and know I have to wait a while for the sequel. I have to admit, I’ve been that person, going to the book store and getting them to get a book out from the back – just because they don’t have it out doesn’t mean I’m leaving without it. Now that I e-read more, I’ve discovered the joy of preordering – ordering it and then paying for and getting it the day it comes out. I wake up and boom! books are there.

No matter what you’re a fan of, you get excited knowing something new is coming to your life. It might be a movie, a game, a tv show. For me, those things bring joy, but nothing beats the joy of the next book from a favourite author!

I admit, I’m a little giddy! So excited!


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