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Updates – English 1201 and English 2201

Work is in, reports are out and time marches on…

Here are updates for English 1201 and English 2201:

English 1201
We have completed our novel study on ‘Divergent’. Our culminating activity, once the booklet work was done, was an in class five paragraph response essay. I made the essay similar to one students will be given for in their midterms to help them plan for what they need to study. As we continue, we will be doing the following:

  • Poetry– A short look at poems contained in the English 1201 Text
  • A Christmas Carol – I will be reading the novel to students using the PadWorx App ‘A Christmas Carol’ – An Interactive Novel.
  • Visuals – A study of Media and Visuals will begin in January.

English 2201
We have completed our novel study, first finishing the booklets which appeared on the November report and then completing an in class comparative essay between the novel studied and the movie ‘Schindler’s List’. The essay questions were taken from previous midterms to help students mentally prepare for midterms this year. As we continue, we will be doing the following:

  • Poetry – A short study of poetry, including a Group Project
  • Oedipus Rex – A study of Greek Drama and specifically the play ‘Oedipus Rex’
  • The Fault in our Stars – Novel study. Novels were distributed the week of November 24th.

More information to come as we get close to the January exams!


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