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Where do we go from here?

Luckily, we are exactly where I intended us to be.


Right now, in English 1201 and 2201 we are doing short stories. This has meant a mix of reading with no evaluation, reading with journal questions, reading with multiple choice and short answers. A variety of assignments have been given in class – my intern Mc McNeil and I will be putting up alternate ones for those who did not get them done in the next few days. We will be testing on the 22nd and 23rd.

Novel studies will begin after the tests. Students in each grade were given book talks on eight different books and had to choose their top three. They were then assigned one of them to read. The novel study is one that gives them some choices in their evaluation. However, it also gets students working with literary concepts with a work I have not covered with them. This is important as it how they will be tested in their final – they will be writing an analytical essay on the unseen essay on the exam.

We will finish up beore the spring break with A Mid Summer’s Night’s Dream in 1201 and research in 2201. My intern is planning some great units for the students and I think it will be great!

In 3202 we are currently starting our major dramatic work ‘Into the Woods’. Students will complete a booklet included short answer questions, personal response and an essay. We will then look at more short stories and essays and students will complete research on real life tragedies. We’ve had some fantastic discussions on the issues that have emerged from our work so far so I look forward to continuing that process!

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