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Counting down the days….

There are, by my count, twenty six teaching days left until exams. This is, of course, not including weekends, a PD day on May 13th and a holiday on May 23rd. This means the following:

  1. There is not much evaluation left in each course. I will detail what’s planned below, but the amount of work given will not be great.
  2. Review will be happening and students CAN study for English.
  3. Attendance is vital at this point, especially given the review which is embedded into all work. For each course, within those 26 days, that means 16 or so classes. Missing two classes means missing 13 percent of the time left in that course.
  4. June 2nd is the final ultimate deadline. This includes work from April 15th to June 2nd.

The administrative team is working on the exam schedule, however I can tell you the following:

  1. All academic levels have a listening section on May 31st. We will know the exact schedule soon, but it does include 1201, 2201 and 3201. The listening section is worth 10/60 marks on their exam. Missing this section requires a doctors note, just like missing an exam.
  2. Based on information from CDLI, the English 2201 exam will be in the morning session of exams on Monday the 13th. The English 1201 exam will be in the afternoon session of Monday the 13th. Both are common exams with the rest of the province. The 13th is the first day of exams.


In 1201, we will be doing the following evaluation:

Into the Woods/Fairy Tales Booklet: We will be watching the video of the Broadway production of ‘Into the Woods’ and completing work on this. This will be due May 17th.

Research: Students will be doing research on the development and history of fairy tales. They will NOT be writing a research paper, but instead will be making notes, writing a paragraph and using citations and references. We will have lots of time in the LRC for them to work on this. This is due June 2nd.

Booktalk: Students will pick ANY BOOK they want and present on it. This will begin around the 27th of May.

After that, will we be doing review.

In 2201, we will be doing the following evaluation:

The Laramie Project: We have viewed the ‘Laramie Project’ and have the scripts for the 10 Years Later Epilogue. Students are doing a mixture of reading and viewing and completing activities on this work. This work is due on the 16th.

Thematic Unit: The students and I will be working through a thematic unit. This will be due June 2nd.

Book Talk: Students will pick ANY BOOK they want and present on it. This will begin around the 27th of May.

In 3202, we will be doing the following evaluation:

Book Study: We are currently working on the book ‘Heist Society’. We will continue work on this until May 20th.

Media: We will do a unit on Media

Thematic Unit: We will do a study of short stories, essays, poems and visuals from the text book.


Any questions, please email me!

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