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Welcome Back!!!

It’s a new school year and I’m slowly getting organized. This year I am teaching English 1201, 2201, 3201 and 3202. I’m quite excited to be directly involved in the continuum from grade ten through grade twelve! So far, as the classes are settling, they are showing that they are full of students eager to learn and excited about graduating high school.

I will, as always, use this front page to communicate information to my classes and their parents. This is in addition to power school and information from your kids as they go home talking about their day! (I know… they don’t necessarily go home telling you anything!)

For each of my classes, I have a link for notes and a link for assignments. These can be found in the menu to the side. I will put up as much information here as I can. When an assignment is due, I will indicate the due date and then once that date is passed, upload an alternate assignment for students to complete.

Students in all academic courses have been issued books and need to have them read by the middle of October. Please encourage this as much as possible!

Any questions, please email!

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