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Exams: What to do if we are closed

Exam period starts soon! With Midterms, the concern is always with the weather. What happens if there is a closure for weather – or for anything?

First, the listening exam on Friday. If we are closed on Friday, that part of the exam will be pushed to when we return to classes. If that happens, I will have specifics on this site as soon as I’ve been given them.

Exams during the exam period fall into two different scenarios.

Scenario One: School is closed for half a day. If that’s the case, the exams written on that half day get pushed to the end of exams. So, as an example, if school was closed for the morning when 1201 is being written. The English 1201 exam and any other exams in that time slot would be written the day after the last scheduled day of exams. Barring any other closures, that would be Monday, the 30th. If there are multiple half day closures, the exams would be scheduled in the order in which they were supposed to be written. If this impacts any of the exams for my classes, I will put the new day and time on this site and on twitter.

Scenario Two: School is closed for the full day. If school is closed for a full day, all exams shift one day. So, as an example, if school is closed on Tuesday, the Tuesday exams will be written on Wednesday, the Wednesday exams will be written Thursday, Thursday exams on Friday and Friday exams move to the following Monday.

If you have any questions due to a PWC closure due to weather – or anything – and how it impacts exams, please contact me!

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