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Current Assignments

For each course, we are working on different things and from that, each course has different deadlines and current workloads.

English 1201: Currently working on the novel ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth. Tuesday, October 22nd, students must bring in an item which identifies them as part of a specific faction. Throughout the novel we will do in class work followed by a larger assignment to be discussed mid-November. At this point, students have been evaluated with an essay assignment where they wrote an expository essay, their essay portfolios of work they did in class and an essay test. Before report cards, students will have their in class ‘Divergent’ portfolios assessed as well as marks given for in class presentation work.

English 2201: Currently working on the novel ‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury. Students must bring in a book they would save if all books were disappearing. This marks the start of our resource unit in the library looking at aspects of the novel. With this novel, students will write a response individually but will also do work as a group. At this point, students have been evaluated with an essay assignment. Until this point, the students were required to write a persuasive essay about ‘texting and driving’. If they have not passed in their essay, they must pick a different topic on which to write their essay. They have also been marked on their essay portfolios of work and completed an essay test. Before report cards, they will have completed some in class work on ‘Fahrenheit 451’.

English 3202: We are currently doing an indepth study of the novel ‘The Hunger Games’. Students have been completing questions as well as content quizzes. Their mark will come from their completion of this work as well as their results on the quizzes.

Ethics and Philosophy 2101: We have begun and been working through a study of concepts, schools and history of philosophy. We’ve looked at specific topics, such as reality and completed a number of ‘What If’ thought experiments. Students have been evaluated on a response piece on reality, research into philosophers and journal entries. Students will complete more response pieces as well as self evaluation before report cards.

World Religions 3101: In World Religions we have been looking at ‘The Religious Impulse’/Spirituality as well as Aboriginal Spirituality. Students have been evaluated through testing, journals, presentations in class as well as development of their own Totem. Before report cards, students will have another test. We will work on a resource unit with Hinduism throughout November, with the completion of their major project in December.

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