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Upcoming Assessments and Scheduling

Hi everyone!

It is now officially only 23 days until the Winter Break. For most courses that’s a short break before we get into Midterms, which take place at the end of January. For others, it’s a short break before the completion of the course and the start of a new one credit course. Either way, most courses are on a tight schedule from now until the end of January.


English 1201

We will be finishing the novel ‘Divergent’ in the next few days. Both classes will have a culmination assessment on December 3rd – a response essay. Time will be taken in class to teach how to do a response essay. After that, from December 5th to 10th, students will be doing a quick foray into Poetry. This will be followed by ‘A Christmas Carol’, being covered from December 11th to 19th. At this point we will do a reading of the novel and then some movie studies, looking at how the book is portrayed. After the break (December 20th is the last day of school before the 2 week break), we will revisit themes of ‘A Christmas Carol’, do a few more poems and get ready for Exams.

English 2201

Students have completed the study of Fahrenheit 451. We are currently watching Wall-E and those who wish to do an alternate assessment can write a response essay comparing Wall-e and Fahrenheit 451. We will be taking a quick look at poetry from November 29th to December 9th. Following that, we will read Oedipus. After the break we will revisit themes of Oedipus, complete some further poetry and then review to prepare for the exam.

English 3202

We are completing ‘The Hunger Games’ and will be beginning ‘Catching Fire’. We have a field trip to ‘Catching Fire’ on December 2nd. Follow this we will be discussing the story of ‘Catching Fire’ and how a sequel is constructed, both novel and movie wise. Our test at Midterms will be on both books, following the curriculum presented in class.

World Religions 3101

This is a course that will end at Midterms and a companion course will begin (3106). The schedule until Midterms is as follows:

November 28, 29, December 3 and 4th – library time to prepare for major project

December 6th to 20th – Major project presentations

Journals are due December 12th.

After the break, finishing Hinduism, taking a look at Buddhism. More journals will be due and there will be a test at the end of the unit.

Ethics and Philosophy

We are working through Ethics and Entertainment right now with a view of Hunger Games and a field trip to Catching Fire (December 2nd). After that we will examine entertainment further with looks at reality tv and procedural dramas. We will then follow through with a look at Existence and the philosophy of science.

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