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Term Two Progress

Midterms are done, one credit courses are complete and new ones begun, assessment continues. Here’s what happening:

1. English 1201: We have completed visuals and short stories. This culminated with a Short Story assessment where students wrote a short story and inserted visuals. We are now working on novels. Students had a choice of seven novels and are working in groups of no more than five students. They are first making study guides for their novel. As a class we are developing a culminating assessment for the novels. Our next step will be Shakespeare – A Midsummers Nights Dream.
2. English 2201: We have completed visuals and short stories. As with 1201, this culminated with a Short Story assessment which included visuals. We are now working on ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by John Green. Students are helping with making up an assessment for this novel. Our next step will be Shakespeare – students are choosing between Othello and Julius Caesar.
3. English 3202: We have done Humour and Visuals. In the humour section we studied a movie and then did short stories and essays, examining why they are humourous. Students then analyzed ads and made one of their own. We are now moving on to Tragedy and completing that in a similar fashion.
4. Ethics and Social Justice: We are looking at social justice issues that impact students. We have discussed gender and are now looking at Sexuality. The conversations have been interesting! Students are working on a major project where they have to take 10 days and try to raise awareness on their topic. They will then present to the class about what they did. Presentations take place the end of March, April and May. Journals were due March 4th, with another set due April 4th.
5. World Religions: Students completed a take home test on spirituality. Journals were due March 3rd with a second set due April 5th. Students are doing major projects where they teach a class about a topic related to religion. If they do not wish to present, they must research a religious topic of their choosing and write a paper. Presentations will take place the last week of March/First week of April.

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