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Schedule for our Essay Unit

As you know at this point, we are working through an essay unit in English 1201 and 2201. This involves a combo of writing and reading essays. I’ve decided to focus on writing essays such as Response and Analytical essays this year, given those are the main forms used as assessment in these courses. This doesn’t mean students don’t do other forms of writing, it just means those are what I’m focusing in with this year.

In 1201, students had their last class to work on their essay booklet. Many have passed in their work. Next class – Thursday – they begin writing a five paragraph essay and will have four classes to do it. This is a response essay where they will respond to one of three quotes I’ve given them. I’ve made this due on the 8th, the day of their test. Their test will have an unseen essay and questions on it – not much different to what we’ve been doing. Then we move on to Divergent and concepts of conflict, character and narration.

It’s much the same in 2201. Students have finished their booklet work and two classes have had the booklet due. Now we’re doing the five paragraph essay, again responding to a quote. Tests are either on the 7th (slot f) or the 8th (slots b and c), which is also the day their essay is due. Then we’re on to ‘Fault in our Stars’ and the study of how all the feelings can be contained in one book.

Excellent work from students so far. It’s been a busy start to the year and one that has been both frustrating and rewarding. But I know I have some great classes and that we’re already off to a wonderful start!

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