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Novel Studies

It’s exciting, that transition from studying essays to beginning our first novel study. In both 1201 and 2201, that’s where we are – beginning our first novel of the year. This means, in case you were wondering, the students have completed the following evaluation:

  1. An essay booklet. 4 essays on one topic for them to study
  2. A Five Paragraph response essay.
  3. An essay test.

Alternate assignments for written work are in the assignment section of each course page on my site. For 2201, the retest will take place on October 28th.

The level two classes have also done a short evaluation with Speaking and Listening – we watched an episode of 30 days and they were marked on verbal responses within a group but also how they listened to others and responded to their comments. It was a great class!Now in 1201, we are beginning ‘Divergent’. We’ve done some background and have watched the movie. Students – in groups – gave me ten differences between the book and the movie. They really picked up on some great differences! We now move to evaluation on concepts and ideas from the book. We will be doing two sets of five sheets, which are all combinations of individual and group activities. Their group choosing will be part of an evaluation. Due dates (projected) include:

  • Sheets One through Five – October 29th
  • Sheets Six through Ten – November 12th
  • Response Essay (unit completion) – November 19th.

There will be other small marks throughout. As long as there are no interruptions, that’s our goal dates!

In 2201, we are doing The Fault in our Stars. We’re part way through the movie, and will be looking at the differences between the book and the movie. We’re then going to do a LRC unit. The due date for that is Thursday, November 7th for 2201 F and Monday, November 9th for 2201 B and C. Students have been instructed to use their time wisely in the LRC as the ultimate due date is not that long after the original due date – wouldn’t want to have a quick turn around for an alternate assignment!

We will do more background work on the book and then have a response essay test. That will most likely be on the 17th for 2201 F and B and the 18th for 2201 C.

Then, for both classes, it’s on to poetry!

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